Concert Programme 2020-2021

Hélène Tysman, piano


September  15th and 17th                                    Alexander Schimpf, piano,

  •   Sunday, October 18th, Amigo Extra:   Tiago Rosario at Teatro Lethes in Faro  –

October 20th and 22nd ***                                   Lucy Parham, piano and an actor, to be announced

*** Please Note: as of 12 September the recently imposed English quarantine regulations make it possible that this concert will be cancelled. Further information will be shown here when available.

November 10th and 12th                                    Helene Tysman. pianist

December 8th and 10th                                    Anne Kaasa, piano and M. Jose Falcão, cello,


Feb 23rd and 25th                                                Constantin Sandu, piano,

March   23rd and 25th                                    Dudana Mazmanishvili, piano

April 27th and 29th                                                Katya Apekisheva, piano and Charles Owen, piano,

May 11th and 13th                                                Leonardo Pierdomenico, piano.

June  22nd and 24th                                                Giulio Potenza, piano