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From Helga Hampton                             


Dear Amigos, 

            March 27, 2022

Good morning in the new time of Spring !

And I have indeed NEWS for this Newsletter: 

An article in the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) dated March 26, 2022 reports: 

“Caught in Lemberg (Lviv): With the Violin for his Country.

Alexey Semenenko (Photo)  – From the Stage into the War.”

The long article describes the miserable story we all got to know very painfully, as Alexey was “our”violinist, planned to come with the “Friendship Trio” for our March concerts.  His Trio partners, Evgeny Sinaiski and Kirill Timofeev, who bravely gave us two outstanding piano / cello recitals, had informed us about Alexey`s war detention in his home country, the Ukraine.

This article goes into details about how Alexey fared during these weeks, about all futile attempts to get him out, mentions the involvement of Daniel Barenboim and Anne Sophie Mutter trying to intervene, in vain!

How he played for the troops wherever he found a group together.  How he teamed up with an equally caught Pianist, Antonii Baryshevskyi, and together they decided to do something to interrupt the nervous search on mobile phones by the stranded crowds of refugees. So they played wherever they found a piano and began to plan a big concert in Lviv, to be streamed on the Internet for the soldiers in the front lines and the people hiding in basements and cellars. 

What then happened nobody so far knows.  The article ends with reporting that by clandestine and secret ways

Alexey got across the border to Poland where his wife was waiting. 

Finally, last weekend, Alexey gave reporters on Frankfurt Airport the news:  “I am out!”  Together with his new-found friend, Antonii, they had been able to give that planned concert in the large hall of the Lviv Philharmonia, which was filled with cartons and boxes of aid for the soldiers, and then they managed to cross the border. – Details are not being reported.


I am very glad that we here were able to show solidarity with the tortured people of the Ukraine, by gathering in great numbers in our auditorium to listen to music played so compassionately by our two artists – perhaps exactly at a time when Alexey was playing to refugees in Lviv.  So glad he made it out.

Our April concerts:

Please begin making your reservations as usual for the concerts in April with the Dutch musicians,

Jeroen de Groot on violin and Bart von de Roer on piano.

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022 they will be playing works by Bach, Brahms and Beethoven, and on

Thursday, April 28th, 2022 we shall be treated to works by Grieg, Saint-Saens, Ysaye and Ravel.

Send your email reservations to:

I wish you a good Spring- and Easter Time and look forward to seeing you all in a warmer Os Agostos.


Helga Hampton

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