Newsletter March 13

30 Years of Great Music

To all Amigos/as

From Helga Hampton                             


ear Amigos, 

Dear Music Friends,                                                                 March 13, 2022

“Let us all pool our hopes and optimism for reason and sanity to take over and set in soon.

We are going to do our bit by doing what we do best:  We are going to make music and with our planned trio as the first concert musicians in March, we have a unique chance to make our contribution.”

This is how I addressed you in the first Newsletter of the second half of our 2021/22 Concert Season

shortly after the atrocities in the Ukraine had begun.  And this sentiment certainly prevails and I am

here today to thank you for your emphatic participation –  our industrious Cristina reports 185 reservations for the March concerts to date!  

PLEASE NOTE:  The Tuesday concert is fully booked.  If you still want seats, please make your reservation swiftly, but only for Thursday, March 24th 2022. If you have booked, and your plans change, please let Cristina know so that she can invite someone else off the waiting list.

It was with the help of our old friends, the pianist Evgueni Sinaiski and the cellist Kirill Timofeev, who already played for us wonderful concerts in September 2011 as well as in May 2018, that we could look forward to adding a violinist to the team.  These two Russian musicians, who live, teach and play in Germany, invited the Ukrainian Alexey Semenenko to come with them to the Algarve and, under the circumstances, suggested we call their group “THE FRIENDSHIP TRIO”.

It transpires that Alexey, a star violinist in the Ukraine, had been invited to play in a concert in Kiev on the weekend of February 20/21, 2022, where he was surprised by the beginning of the invasion.  As a bitter result, he, a Ukrainian, was, like all men, unable to leave the country.  He is still there, and, as he also has a German passport and lives and works at the University in Essen, Germany, Evgeni and Kirill have been trying to assist in getting him out.  They even involved us by trying via the highest diplomatic German authorities to intervene.  Thus far to no avail. As I am writing this, Alexey is making his third attempt in being allowed to leave the Ukraine. Stay tuned.

As a consequence we probably will not be lucky to have the Trio in Os Agostos on March 22nd and 24thI am, however, glad to tell you that Evgeni and Kirill will still be coming to play for us as a Duo. Under the circumstances there might have to be some changes to the original programme, but I can tell you that we will be hearing works by Bach and Brahms, by the Russians Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, by the Ukrainian Tcherepnin and the Georgian Tsintsadze (changes are possible).

I look forward to welcoming you in Os Agosts, where depending on weather conditions our reception will be either on the outdoor terraces (no masks necessary) or in our usual indoor area, where mask will be obligatory as also during the concerts.


Helga Hampton

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