Safety measures at Os Agostos

Instead of our usual auditorium we will use the wedding Marquee that can accommodate 30o people so there is plenty of space for up to 100 Amigos and guests with proper social distancing seated around the generously sized tables.

It is proposed that there should be a maximum of 5 people to each table. However, if there are family groups or groups of friends who are comfortable sitting next to each other then 6-8 places can be arranged.

There will be separate entrance and exit doors and the  side panels of the Marquee can be raised so that it is virtually in the open air.

The piano will be positioned in the centre of the long side of this rectangular space to allow the best view for everyone.

Masks will be worn until people are seated and whenever they get up from the table.

Drinks and light refreshments will be served at the tables, and there will be no interval in order to avoid as much mingling as possible. 

For that reason our hosts insist that social distancing rules be observed AT ALL TIMES, including for the use of the Restrooms !  Please avoid queues.

Reservation procedure for our guests.

Prepayment will be required to avoid the need for check-in. Bookings should be made by email as usual.  The names of all guests for the seating plan will be needed .

Payment details, either bank transfer or multibanco will be given when booking.. The guest donation is still EURO 25.00 p.p.

This prepayment avoids the need to check in on the concert night, and guests can go straight to their allocated seats.

So, please note:

Prepayment by guests is compulsory… cash transactions will be allowed.

CANCELLATION:   Please,  remember to cancel your reservation if you find even at the last moment that you will not be able to attend.  Send another email.