Kirill Timofeev, cellist in the Russian Trio, May, 2020


September 10th and 12th  David Owen Norris, piano, & Paul Silverthorne, viola (Amigos, please note that the AGM  will be held at 5.30 pm before the first concert of the Season on Tuesday, September 11th.)


October 15th and 17th                          Autumn Trio: Joana Vieira Shumova, piano, Agata Darashkaite, violin   &   Mikhail Shumov, cello                  

November 5th and 7th,                        Milan Miladinovich,  piano

December 10th and 12th                         Antoine de Grolee, piano                                                     


February 19th and 20th                            Järna Trio: Juho Pohjonen, piano, Yura Lee, violin & Jakob Koranyi, cello Note that the first concert is on a Wednesday

March    24th and 26th                          Pierre-Andre Doucet, piano

April  28th and 30th                          Andrey Gugnin, piano           

May 19th and 21st                         Russian Trio: Evgueni Sinaisky, piano, Valeria Zorina, violin & Kyrill Timofeev, cello

June 16th and 18th                          Konstantin Lapshin, piano