concert programme 2018-19

Programme details will be published in ‘Forthcoming Concerts’ as they become available from the artists, usually a few weeks before the concert.


LucyParham, Harriet Walter and Guy Paul on the life in music of Frederic Chopin



September: 11 and 13:  Andrey Gugnin, piano and (for one concert) Latica Anic, Cello

(Amigos, please note that the AGM  will be held at 5.30 pm before the first concert of the Season on Tuesday, September 11th.)

October: 02 and 03  (note consecutive dates!)       Lucy Parham, piano with Dame Harriet Walter and Guy Paul on the life and music of Frederic Chopin.

November: 06 and 08:          Charles Owen, Piano

December: 18 and 20:       Trio Pangea


Alissa Firsova, piano: June 11 and 13

February: 26 and 28           Steven Vanhauwert, piano

March: 19 and 21                 Jeroen de Groot, violin and Bart van de Roer, piano       

April: 16 and 18                    Katya Apekisheva, piano

May:  14 and 16                       Holger Groschopp, piano and Adele Bitter, violin

June: 11 and 13                      Alissa Firsova, piano and Daniel Rowland, violin

Amigos de Música concerts at Os Agostos begin at 7.00pm sharp. Doors open at 6.00pm and wine, fruit juices and canapés will be served. Guests and non-members are asked to donate €25 per person to help offset expenses.


For concert bookings

please send an e-mail to

or, if not possible, call Cristina on 914797980.